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Rehoboth, MA


USA Karate Rehoboth
319 Tremont St. (Rte. 118)
Rehoboth, MA 02763
(508) 226-7500


Shihan Melissa Warner


5th Degree Black Belt
Chief Master Instructor

Shihan Melissa is a talented martial artist that has been training in the martial arts for over 30 years. She is a certified master instructor and trains directly under her parents Grand Master Hanshi Larry Sullivan and Shihan Robin Sullivan. Currently she holds black belts in Sullivan’s American Kenpo and Nick Cerio’s Kenpo. Shihan Melissa has a strong tournament background. She competed nationally and won several titles in forms, weapons and sparring. Shihan Melissa has also been training in the art of Muay Thai/ Muay Lao Kickboxing. 


Shihan Melissa is dedicated to her craft and is always looking for ways to stay active in the community, Shihan Melissa serves on the board as the secretary of Regional Fight Sports, a non-profit Martial Arts Scholarship Organization based in Rhode Island. Shihan Melissa also is the program director for the Kids Kumite Championships which is a kids Muay Thai organization.


When Shihan Melissa is not training she enjoys spending time with her three children. 








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