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USA Karate Headqaurters
28 Peterborough St.
Jaffrey, NH 03452
(603) 532-2400

Hanshi Larry Sullivan
10th Degree Black Belt
Grandmaster / Soke / Founder

Grand-master Hanshi Larry Sullivan started training in the martial arts in 1978. He holds a 10th degree black belt in Sullivan’s American Kenpo, a 7th degree black belt in Nick Cerios Kenpo, a 5th degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo/jiu jitsu, and a 4th degree black belt in American Karate.


He has cross trained in Kung fu, Shotokan, Japanese Jujitsu, Judo, Kubudo, Iaido/kendo, Okinawan kobuto, Kenpo, Kempo, Muay thai, Brazilizn jiu jitsu, Chinese weapons, Sambo, Boxing, Wrestling and more. Hanshi is the founder and Soke of the Sullivan’s American Kenpo karate system.


He is President/Founder of USA Karate, the International Team Karate league & The New England Karate Commission. Larry Sullivan was also an Advisory Board Member for the Educational Funding Company (a management tuition collection company for over 1200 schools across the country), as well as a speaker/instructor at martial arts conventions in Boston, Orlando, and San Diego. Mr. Sullivan also was Professor Nick Cerio’s business partner in the Cerio & Sullivan Martial Arts Management Corporation, as well as Prefessor Cerio’s Soke di (second in command). He has been a tournament promoter for over 25 years, has built the one of the most profitable school and organizations in RI and is now managing multiple schools in four states. A graduate of Franklin High school 1971 attended Dean College for business management and continues the education process to this day. He has spent a life time of teaching, building, creating, organizing and managing to ensure the success of people and organizations.

Shihan Robin Sullivan
9th Degree Black Belt
President / Tournament Director

Shihan Robin Sullivan has trained with Hanshi Larry Sullivan, Professor Nick Cerio, Shihan Angelo Oliveira and many other Masters in her over 30 years of training. Shihan Robin is currently a 9th degree black belt in Sullivan’s American Kenpo, a 5th degree black belt in Nick Cerio’s Kenpo, a 2nd degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo and a certified Muay Thai kickboxing Instructor. Shihan Robin continues to train under USA Karate’s founder Hanshi Larry Sullivan.


Shihan Robin is well known for her tournament background. She competed nationally and has a long resume of tournament victories including many state titles, seven national championships and a world championship in 1995. For her competitive victories Shihan Robin was awarded Competitor of the year in 1996 by the Nick Cerio’s International Martial arts Association and in 2001 she was awarded Female Martial Artist of the Year by the New England Karate Commission. She was also awarded 1996 Program Director of the year by the International Martial Arts Association.


Through the years Shihan Robin has worked with the C & S (Cerio & Sullivan) Martial Arts management cooperation, the International team Karate League and was a promoter and director of the prestigious Challenge of the Champions karate tournament. She created Team USA a competition team that competed successfully all over the east coast. Shihan Robin is currently the Vice President of the USA Karate Organization and is Director and Promoter for the Grand Masters Challenge Tournament Circuit.

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