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7-12 Children Martial Arts

There are many benefits for children who train in the martial arts. While most parents expect their children to learn the basic tenets of self-defense in our classes, many are surprised when their children’s martial arts training also carries over into other aspects of their lives. We designed our rules-based children’s program to be fun and to help them to develop physically, mentally and socially. Our certified and professional staff follows and teaches five rules to help the children progress in our achievement-based system of colored belts. These rules are:


·           Effort – All students are encouraged to do their best. We believe that continuous effort is the key to unlocking potential.

·           Etiquette - We base our program on respect. We teach our students to respect the instructors, each other, and most importantly, themselves.

·           Sincerity – Honesty is important in the martial arts. Being honest about your weaknesses is the first step to improving them!

·           Character - Honesty, courage, optimism, and integrity are all qualities we try to instill in our students. All are traits of a positive attitude!

·           Self Control – Determination and concentration developed through self-discipline.


Many of the activities the children engage in will help to improve their overall physical fitness. Over time, our specifically designed workouts will help the children to develop strength and stamina. Moreover, large motor skills, such as kicking and punching aid in the development of coordination and balance. Parents oftentimes see a noticeable improvement in the children’s self-discipline and dispositions as they learn and follow the five rules. Attention spans increase, and listening skills improve as the children strive to achieve the proficiency necessary to receive their next colored belt.  Friendships often develop between the students as they share common goals and work together to learn self-defensetechniques. Finally, our staff works closely with you to make sure all your goals are reached.  


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