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Everyone - children, parents, adult students - enjoy our classes. The friendly atmosphere, pushing your personal physical limit, the rewards - it's all good. Below are some samples of what people have written to us.


"I truly enjoy USA Karate. The program is run efficiently and the staff is extremely knowledgeable. I look forward to many years of training with this school. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who would like to better themselves." - R. Bucki



"I would like to comment about the phenomenal instructors that you have in your schools. While our daughter is a typically shy 5-year old, she becomes an extremely focused student under Sensei's instruction, completely open to learning. When we ask what it is that makes her so eager to get to her class, she states, "I want Sensei to see what I have been practicing." Sensei has not only instructed our daughter in Martial Arts, but has also helped her to develop confidence in who she is and what she can do." -Parent



"The instructors are very knowledgable and understanding. They have made life changing differences in my life. The changes are not only physical, but spiritual and emotional. I am in the best physical shape I have been in for quite a few years. The training I have recieved has also given me a broader outlook on the spiritual and emotional side of my being." -R. Aubin

"Just wanted to say that my husband and I love USA Karate. We just completed 4 months of Muay Thai Kickboxing and had a blast. Great outlet for couples. Thank you." - Happy Couple

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