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Career Opportunities

Why a career in martial arts?

People learn martial arts for a wide variety of reasons. Whether it's to lose weight, learn self-defense, do something fun, or simply get off the sofa and start moving, everyone steps into a dojo for the first time with a goal in mind. As an instructor or martial arts school owner, you're not working at a job stuck in some cubicle from 9-5 as a small cog in a big machine. You have a direct, hands-on challenge of helping people reach their goals in an environment that you help to create. You are an artist, a role model, and a teacher!

That's why USA Karate is searching for people who want to immerse themselves in the art, make a difference, and help a successful business grow even bigger. There are opportunities at nearly every USA Karate school for part-time, assistant instructors, or those who are dreaming big of running their own USA Karate school and becoming leaders in their community.


How can USA Karate help?

Entering a career in martial arts means you need people around you who are willing to provide support for your endeavors. Whether it's advanced training as you learn how to help students reach their greatest potential, or building your own skills to become an excellent instructor, USA Karate has a system in place to help you. For those who desire to become school owners themselves, USA Karate can provide marketing help, purchasing power, and financial resources to allow you to concentrate on your students and the art, while your business grows steadily and headache-free.


So if you feel like we do - that every endevor is worth pouring your sweat and your heart into - start today. Call or email Hanshi Sullivan about what it takes to get you started in your martial arts career. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Join us at USA Karate!


For inquiries about career opportunities with USA Karate, please contact:

USA Karate Management Company
PO Box 351
Jaffrey, NH 03452
(603) 532-2400

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