USA Karate Instructors in Smithfield, RI

USA Karate Instructor Sensei Greg Chopoorian

Sensei Greg Chopoorian

3rd Degree Black Belt, Head Instructor/Owner USA Karate Smithfield, RI

Sensei Greg Chopoorian has trained in Martial Arts for a total of 17 years. He first trained as a teenager in Karate under Instructors from the Newport School of Martial Arts headed by Master Ozzie Grennier. He achieved his First Degree Black Belt under Sensei (now Master) Anne Kuzminsky.

Sensei Greg resumed his training after a long hiatus, starting over under Sensei Steve Lee, who was teaching Nick Cerio's Kenpo. The closure of Sensei Lee's dojo and the desire to continue training in Kenpo led to USA Karate and Sullivan's American Kenpo under the expertise of Shihan Jonathan Pinault. Achieving his First and Second Degree Black Belt Ranks and successfully completing his Instructor Training during his many years with Shihan Pinault, Sensei Chopoorian has continued his training directly under USA Karate Grandmaster, Hanshi Larry Sullivan, achieving his 3rd Degree Black Belt in December of 2011.

Sensei Greg holds a Masters Degree in Communications and has worked in film and television as an actor, voice over artist, consultant, and storyboard artist. He is a member of SAG-AFTRA. He and his family operate the Mansion Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Central Falls, Rhode Island. Sensei Greg and his wife Lydia and their sons reside in Cumberland, RI.

USA Karate Instructor Sensei Kevin Notch

Sensei Kevin Notch

Sensei Kevin is the co- head instructor and partner with Sensei Gregory Chooporian of USA Karate in Smithfield, Rhode Island, currently training under Hanshi Larry Sullivan and Shihan Jon Pinault.

Sensei Kevin has trained in Sullivan's American Kenpo for 11 years and is a certified Muay Thai Instructor. His children, Curran and Claire have trained under Shihan Jon Pinault and both have obtained advanced ranks in Sullivan's American Kenpo.

With a Sales and Marketing/Management background and 17 years of turnaround experience in many under-performing organizations, Sensei Kevin is currently the General Manager of a large packaging facility near Albany, New York. Additionaly, he has recently launched an international marketing company, Global Resource Partners, LLC with his wife, Kris.

When he is not working, Sensei Kevin is an avid adventure traveler and enjoys the outdoors.

Hanshi Larry Sullivan

Hanshi Larry Sullivan
Grandmaster / Soke

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Shihan Robin Sullivan

Shihan Robin Sullivan
Vice President

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